Our Story

Each Smock is beautifully made with great attention to detail.  French seams are used for strength and durability and with top stitching in a matching colour, the Smock has a lovely finished look.  The size is BIG, designed to fit over your own clothes.  I use 100% cotton ticking in different colours/stripes for my main collection, we also have some 'one offs' in mixed fabrics and needlecord.  I am happy to make bespoke and source specific materials/colours.

I have decided to name the smocks after all the wonderful women in my life.

I studied Fashion & Textile Design at St Martin's School of Art, my mother also went there as did one of my brothers and my father worked at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club.  Consequently, our family home was always full of artists and musicians coming and going. Artistic stuff was always happening, someone painting on an easel or a wall, someone making things out of paper, metal, wood or in fact anything they could get their hands on, someone playing with lights and making lightshows on the walls and music was always on. It was a hubbub of activity, oh, and someone was always sewing on an old Singer sewing machine at the end of the large dining table.  I learnt to sew at a very young age, I used to 'run things up' for me and my friends on the day we needed them, for a party that evening.

My mother wore a Smock at home every day, it was a cover up to keep her own clothes tidy whilst she looked after 6 children, cooked, cleaned, painted and did some sewing. Her Smocks became a sort of fashion item in my eyes, just what one put on daily.

The art shops in Soho, where the Smocks were bought, finally stopped making them and over the years my mother's many Smocks began deteriorating, she asked me to make her a new one and so the idea for The Hampstead Smock Company began.


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